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Latest News

  • By Melissa Fast 
    | Jan. 22
    Inside 43215: Necessary Evil

    Okay, we hate to use the word evil in a headline in a story about a really good guy, but who loves going to the dentist? We’re guessing the virtual hands are not flying through the air. What if there was a way to make it easy (and frankly, not so bad)? Hmmm….keep reading. To boot, one of our readers...
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  • Dec. 16
    Gay Street: 'Ground zero' of Downtown comeback

    Soon after he moved Downtown in 2005, Justin Crockett began scouting locations for the used-record store that was in the maybe-one-day stage. And, no matter where or how far he wandered, the E. Gay Street corridor between N. High and 3rd streets beckoned. “You could feel the energy growing along Gay...
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